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Jordanella Floridae

Dwight wrote:

>Look, it seems like I'm starting to tick some people off with the phonetic
>short cut "Florida Flag Fish".  Folks, I no longer refer to my favorite
>fish w/o using all its names INCLUDING its scientific name to make certain
>there is no confusion.  I did not invent the term "Florida Flag Fish".  It
>is a trade name that I've seen in LFS along with "American Flag Fish".

Gee, you wouldn't be in Florida, would you?  I believe the reason some
people may be objecting, is that this fish is not a "Flag Fish" of one type
or another.  It is commonly named *American Flag* Fish because of its
resemblance to the American flag, and not because it is an American "Flag
Fish".  Therefore, whether used regionally or not, the term Florida Flag
Fish doesn't really make sense unless it also resembles the Florida state
flag (?).