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AMANNO Shrimp (kinda off topic - sorry)

David (FocaIPoint at aol_com) said:

I don't know where you get your information but, the waters around the
Japanese Islands are an ecological disaster. There's very little that swims
that's really fit to eat there. Shrimp? Forget it......It is simple

I say:

Ummm... maybe I should really just leave this alone, BUT I just returned
from living in Japan the last 4 years. I am an avid scuba diver (esp.
technical diving) and completed over 100 dives in Japan last year alone -
all in the Izu peninsular region and Chiba-ken.  One of the owners of the
dive shops was one of Japan's best free-diving fishermen (no scuba)and along
with Jacque Mayol (Legendary free-diver and inspiration of cult movie, "The
Big Blue") used to frequently get us "dinner" just off the southernmost tip
of Chiba-ken (Tatayama-shi).  Now Japan has its fair share of ecological
problems, as do most countries, but I don't agree with your statement.  Much
fishing is done right around the Japanese Islands, and the reasons for
ranging farther is not due to ecological concerns but rather more demand for

Also I am not sure that the shrimp being refered to are actually salt-water
shrimp anyways. But of that I am not sure so cannot make a claim one way or
the other.

This is not meant as a flame, and I really hope it isn't taken that way.
But this list prides itself on its scientific accuracy, or at least strives
for such accuracy, and as such I couldn't agree with such a blanket
statement.  Also I think you may have taken the original poster's intention
the wrong way.  I think he was trying to offer another possible solution
that may be more cost effective and efficient for the US residents of the
list; not for all members, as this list has members worldwide.

Sorry for the long post.


William Bragg
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.