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H2O2 Treatment

I thought I would report on the H2O2 treatment I initiated last night out of 
sheer curiosity and as an experiment to test it's effect on staghorn algae - 
which is the only observable kind of algae in this tank at present.


75 gal
Flourite/Turface substrate 3-6in
tank CO2 (Gomberg reg)
trickle filter
UV sterilization
220 W PCP lighting
Jobe's spikes, PMDD and Microplex fertilization

I added 12 fluid oz of USP Hydrogen peroxide 3% at 9:00pm last night - one 
hour before lights out. When I returned home late this afternoon I found all 
the staghorn present to have been rendered 2 shades lighter in color from a 
silvery gray to a silverish white. Upon touching the infected leaves, the 
algae seemed to have lost a great deal of it's usual gelatinous quality and 
was more easily removed by rubbing than was previously the case. 
Casualties: I found one dead ghost shrimp and one dead otto. 
Plants: The Hetra z. had lighter leaf edging in some places and the only 
other unusual change in appearance plantwise was that the previously brick 
red Rotalla macranda was now almost totally green with the exception of the 
top 4 or 5 sets of leaves. Those tips were still pinkish red - but seemed a 
bit less intense in hue than was the case the night before. IOW, that plant 
had turned from red to green overnight - not white, gray, faded or dead - 
just green (except for the tips). Almost looks like Rotala m. grown without 
enough light or iron.

Bob Olesen
West Palm Beach