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<< ts about time I started in on these overrated Amano shrimp! Folks, keep in
 mind these shrimp are FROM Japan!  Amano can probably catch them easily in
 the wild thus, he can throw large numbers of them at an algae problem. They
 may be inefficient, near impossible to breed in captivity but for him, they
 are cheap.  For us here in Florida they are NOT! >>

I don't know where you get your information but, the waters around the 
Japanese Islands are an ecological disaster. There's very little that swims 
that's really fit to eat there. Shrimp? Forget it. They are probably imported 
from Indonesia, The Philippines or wherever. This is only a slight 
exaggeration my friend. That's why the Japanese fishing fleets are so wide 
ranging and need to have Fish and Wildlife people on board when they fish 
Canadian and American waters.

And no I am NOT Japan bashing. It is simple reality and, besides, I lived and 
worked there for seven years.