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Florida Flag Fish Phonetic Frenzy

Look, it seems like I'm starting to tick some people off with the phonetic
short cut "Florida Flag Fish".  Folks, I no longer refer to my favorite
fish w/o using all its names INCLUDING its scientific name to make certain
there is no confusion.  I did not invent the term "Florida Flag Fish".  It
is a trade name that I've seen in LFS along with "American Flag Fish".  

Yes, I plead guilty to being the first to use the contraction "FFF".
However, I preface all my Flag Fish references with; <FFF or Florida Flag
Fish (Jordanella floridae)  aka American Flag Fish> to cover all regional
common names and of course the scientific one.  I see no reason not to use
the catchy and memorable "FFF" contraction AFTER I've layed out all common
and scientific references.

We are not going to change the tendency of regional names to pop up.  And
once they DO, ignoring them WILL lead to confusion.  I prersonally know of
a case where a LFS renamed "German Rams" (a dwarf cichlid species) to
"Exotic Rams" b/c some of his costumers were offended by the original name. 

I don't want to offend the word-smiths among us, but using one of these
names:   Florida Flag Fish , Jordanella floridae, American Flag Fish by
themselves w/o the others WILL cause someone, somewhere to misunderstand.

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