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Re: Barley Straw

Krombholz wrote:

>Did your water get a brown color from the straw?  I would be surprised if
>it didn't.
>One other thing that decomposing barley straw would do, in addition to
>adding phenolic compounds and whatever to the water, would be to lower
>nitrates, and phosphates.  The straw is very low in nitrogen, and
>phosphorus, and the bacteria that grow on the straw and on the solubles
>that leach out of it will take up N and P from the water

The tank was 48"L x 12"H x 20"W that's probably 60 gals?  However, I only
used 2 handfulls of straw.  Perhaps, that's why I never noticed a water
discolouration problem.   I did one water change at day 35 to catch out
some of the FFF or Florida Flag Fish (Jordanella floridae)  aka American
Flag Fish b/c there was so no algea for them to eat; I have no food and
they were turning on the  Rotala wallichii.

Liquid Barley Straw for Aquariums & Ponds: