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Re: hair algae

Kraven wrote:

>None of the fish eat this stuff.  The mollies appear to make soft-hearted
>attempts picking at it, but don't seem to actually eat any.  The shrimp, if
>they're still in there (I never see them, except once in a long while after
>lights-out, and then only singly) apparently aren't bothering with the stuff
>either.  The entire tank has nice growth, but there is a gray-green mass of
>stringy algae on everything.  I am nearing wits end... what am I going to
>have to do to this stuff?  Should I be looking for Ameca Splendens?  Florida
>Flag Fish?  The Terminator?

My friend, you are in DESPARATE need of FFF or Florida Flag Fish
(Jordanella floridae)  aka American Flag Fish!!  IMHO, I LIKE hair algae
now! B/c FFF cure it so easily.  In addition, as long as your tank stays
hair algae prone, less curable forms tend not to appear and the FFF stay
away from Rotala wallichii.  The hair algae "problem" is now the measels of
modern aquaria IMHO.  Yes, it shows up from time to time but it should not
be a problem if you get inoculated.  Give your tank a FFF injection! :-)

Its about time I started in on these overrated Amano shrimp! Folks, keep in
mind these shrimp are FROM Japan!  Amano can probably catch them easily in
the wild thus, he can throw large numbers of them at an algae problem. They
may be inefficient, near impossible to breed in captivity but for him, they
are cheap.  For us here in Florida they are NOT!

FFF are a walk to the pond and a swift dip of the net away!  There is NO
REASON for these fish to be difficult to obtain anywhere in the Americas.
You don't need many of them to do the job b/c they are VERY efficient.  If
I had a dollar for everytime someone asked me to score some FFF for 'em I'd
be rich!  I am seriously contemplating shipping these little guys.  If
anyone is interested, contact me offlist.  Still, I recommend you use
persistence in badgering your LFS to being 'em in.  I don't care what the
owner says, they are NOT hard to get!

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