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Re: Barley straw

Dwight wrote, Monday, Aug. 7:
............As the straw decomposed,
>so there was a lifting of the algae.  It is now day 29 of that tank
>and it is almost "photo-clear" of algae.  The exception is that
>"dot-algae" that oft appears on glass..............


Did your water get a brown color from the straw?  I would be surprised if
it didn't.

One other thing that decomposing barley straw would do, in addition to
adding phenolic compounds and whatever to the water, would be to lower
nitrates, and phosphates.  The straw is very low in nitrogen, and
phosphorus, and the bacteria that grow on the straw and on the solubles
that leach out of it will take up N and P from the water

Paul Krombholz, in hot, dry, central Mississippi