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Hair Algae Attack

I recently added an algae crew to my plant tank.

The roster:

2 Bushynose Plecos
4 Juvenile SAE
6 Otto Cats
~10 Japonica shrimp
2 Mollies (the female promptly dropped fry, so maybe another dozen or two
baby black mollies)

Brown, most green, some BBA algae now all but gone, but that leaves behind
this incredibly unsightly LONG hair algae.  The algae has reached lengths of
up to 8" and branch irregularly but the branches themselves tend to be less
than an inch long.  The primary "thread" attaches quite strongly to leaves,
wood, and even short lengths have been found attached to the acrylic
aquarium sides.

None of the fish eat this stuff.  The mollies appear to make soft-hearted
attempts picking at it, but don't seem to actually eat any.  The shrimp, if
they're still in there (I never see them, except once in a long while after
lights-out, and then only singly) apparently aren't bothering with the stuff
either.  The entire tank has nice growth, but there is a gray-green mass of
stringy algae on everything.  I am nearing wits end... what am I going to
have to do to this stuff?  Should I be looking for Ameca Splendens?  Florida
Flag Fish?  The Terminator?