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rotala wallichii

any comments on resurrecting r. wallichii (sp?) ??
I had a serious bacterial outbreak that clouded the tank for almost two 
weeks.  In that time the plant went from very nice to spindly.  NOw all I 
have is a bunch of stems with little "stick leaves".  I've moved them from 
there prev location in teh back to a front corner to take advantage of 
increased lighting and have increased CO2 production
as well.  Anyone have anything else to add??
While im on the subject.  Any thought on the proper way to trim both this 
plant, Ludwigia peruensis (glandulosa), and Lobelia cardinalis??
I've killed my glandulosa after trimming it recently and have to trim the 
Lobelia and Rotalla soon.
Any help would be appreciated
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