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Soft water solutions

Thanx to everyone who has responded to my previous posts.  Now how to
correct my situation.

Relevant info:

Tap water:
ph: 7.1
KH: 21 ppm
GH: 13-16 ppm

Aquarium (40gal acrylic:

30 lb flourite (2 packages)
one and a half inches sand covering flourite

Actual amount of water closer to 30-35 gallons

2 large pieces of Jati wood (bog wood)

8 or so java fern (Microsorum pteropus)
1 bunch java moss (Vesicularia dubyana)
1 Aponogeton crispus
2 Anubias barteri var. nana
3 Sagittaria subulata
I will be adding more plants this weekend

5 Otocinclus affinis

ph is 6.0 or lower in the tank

My plan is for some more plants and some Paracheirodon axelrodi (~10) and
Papiliochromis (or Microphaegus) altispinosa (~4), and some MTS

I want to add CO2.

OK my water is extremely soft. I assume the Jati wood is lowering my ph, but
there is no discoloration of the water.  The water is pretty clear, but I
can not think of what else is lowering the ph at the moment.
So to raise the KH I can add sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or potassium
bicarbonate, correct?
To raise both the GH & KH, I add calcium carbonate, correct?
So I can add baking soda or potassium bicarbonate and Seachem's Equilibrium,
But since the Equilibrium has potassium in it, I should use baking soda &
Equilibrium, correct?
Or I can use sea shells or coral, correct?
Then I can add CO2.

Are any of these solutions more prudent, or others I haven't mentioned? I
assume I would add the necessary ingredients at every water change (not
referring to using shells, etc.). But how much at each water change, if I
change 1/4 to 1/3 every other week?  Not the same as the initial amount,
correct?  Speaking of the initial amount, the fish I would like to keep
appreciate the soft water, so what is the relationship of CO2, pH and KH
I should be shooting for? Am I missing the boat entirely?

I am sorry for all the questions.  I have spent hours searching the
archives, sometimes going down dead end threads, etc.  I am doing my best to
provide a healthy environment for the plants and fish as I feel is my
responsibility.  Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,
William Bragg