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Hydra? Oh boy!

Hello all :)
I have a 100g tank all parameters are good. water
changes: more now 30-50% every two days 

   Recently one of my fish developed flag took it out
to treat, didn't mend, culled. Due to this took other
fish out of tank, put in quarintine. Planted tank now
fishless (two weeks)
   Last week started to notice the development of
large quantities of mulm coating plants (kept trying
to remove with syphon and hands). Couple of days
latter, started to notice white "stuff" on glass.
White "stuff" started to turn into "things" also
"stuff" started on plants. "things" on glass turned
into threads with "nodes", "stuff" on plants turned to
"things" by that night. Next morning glass "nodes"
turned into small "umbrella" shapes, plant ones
following right behind. Looking desperatly in books
and on net for info!!!! Someone says Hydra, meanwhile
back at the races they added a few hundred new
contestants. Looking, looking, looking at photo
refrences they don't look the same, but decide to add
0.3g salt per Litre. Go back to ask question on
discusion site. They recomend why not use a 9V battery
with leads on either end of tank and zap them to death
since I don't have any fish. Meanwhile back at the
boston marathon everyone invited their two friends and
it continues. Doing more of the water thing because
the marathoners are starting to sweat like pigs and
they stink to high heaven!! 

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are they Hydra  or what are
Davis :)

PS. Sorry about the metaphores have to try and laugh
about this :)

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