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Re: Raingutter CP's and PCF's


Thanks, that was the link. Sounded very familiar. I couldn't connect, it 
appears there's been a small change in the url (drop off index): 

Price-wise, I don't think the compact flourescents are such a great deal 
either. (I've never found them for the $3.95 he did. I never get them under 
$14).  After a few months I noticed a significant difference (plant 
pearling/growth). But, it was an improvement over incandescents for an old 10 
gallon hood. 

I'd like to upgrade from NO flourescents on at least one tank, but I've 
talked to Kim, and he seems to think the Perfecto strips cannot be converted 
to accomodate their kits. Even the double strips, which are higher and longer 
to accommodate the extra ballast. What does one build the kit into, if not an 
existing strip?


> I forget the guys name, but I think it's the "Idiot's Guide to Planted 
>  or something like that at:
>                http://members.carolina.net/hyrb/index./html
>  This cat shows you how to make CP strip lighting with raingutter PVC, 
>  bulb ceiling lamps and screw in PC's from Home Depot. Being a cheapskate 
>  heart, I made one myself and am pretty happy with it.
>  However, as has been discussed and pointed out often on this list, the 
> amount 
>  of usable light actually entering a tank is also largely a function of the 
>  reflective and refractive properties of whatever reflector is used. 
>  Consequently, watt for watt; compared to the CP kit I bought from A&H for 
> not 
>  a lot more money, my Home Depot rig looks pretty weak by comparison. 
>  I would also venture to guess that the efficiency and longevity of the A&H 
>  kit exceeds the raingutter rig by a significant factor as well. So, while 
>  had some fun making it, I think for the difference in quality, the little 
> bit 
>  of money I saved really wasn't worth it.  Kim at A&H was really nice and 
> very 
>  helpful. I think they even sell a timer with the kit now that you can 
>  hardwire into the setup too, thus saving you another trip to the store. 
>  CP I'm doing is coming from A&H again.
>  Actually, the next lighting project I'm doing is going to be a couple of 
>  pendant metal halides for the six foot tank that's going into the living 
> room 
>  - - as a surprise present for my wife. :)