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Re: Tropical Pond Lilies

Bill wrote: 
> Has anyone tried real tropical lillies in an aquarium?
> I've had negative responses so far, for obvious reasons like the size and the
> light requirements. Also they require a temperature drop from night to day...
> 2x175w MH 16" from the plants can't be that little of a change from day to
> night? check this link, a 2-4 foot diameter? would be real pretty to open up
> hood and see/smell a large fragrant bloom... :-)

I have a young, small, Pan Pacific, in a 55 gallon. Stuck it in there
until I have time to plant it in the pond. It looks so good I'm leaving
it for a while. I would imagine, that if you stick to dwarf varieties,
you'll be fine. The 2 links below are the dwarf varieties that I have in
my water garden tubs. I have no affiliation with this person, just a
satisfied customer.


Augie Eppler
Green Cove Springs, Fl