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Bacteria Bloom Won't Go Away

I have what I think is a bacterial bloom only it's been going for about 3 
weeks now. I'll probably end up dropin some erythromyocin in there later in 
the week but I was wondering if someone could help me figure out what caused 
the bloom.

About a month ago I pulled the little filter out of my Eclipse System Six and 
switched it with the Fluval 203 in my 29 gallon tank. I figured since some 
people don't use any filtration in there planted tanks the little filter from 
the System Six would be ok in the 29. And you can never have too much 
filtration so why not drop that 203 into the System Six.

Well, a week and a half later, both the 6 and the 29 bloomed. Two and a half 
weeks later, the bloom is gettin worse and worser. After reading the posts in 
the archives on bacterial blooms I decided that a lack of filtration lead to 
the bloom in the 29 but in the 6?!? What the dill? Can too much filtration 
lead to a bloom as well? Maybe the bacteria in the Fluval decided that there 
wasn't enough action in the filter itself and decided to drift on into the 
aquarium. If so, then the bloom should take care of itself in a few weeks 

All help is very much appreciated.

Dan P