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Raingutter CP's


I forget the guys name, but I think it's the "Idiot's Guide to Planted Tanks"
or something like that at:


This cat shows you how to make CP strip lighting with raingutter PVC, double 
bulb ceiling lamps and screw in PC's from Home Depot. Being a cheapskate at 
heart, I made one myself and am pretty happy with it.

However, as has been discussed and pointed out often on this list, the amount 
of usable light actually entering a tank is also largely a function of the 
reflective and refractive properties of whatever reflector is used. 
Consequently, watt for watt; compared to the CP kit I bought from A&H for not 
a lot more money, my Home Depot rig looks pretty weak by comparison. 

I would also venture to guess that the efficiency and longevity of the A&H 
kit exceeds the raingutter rig by a significant factor as well. So, while I 
had some fun making it, I think for the difference in quality, the little bit 
of money I saved really wasn't worth it.  Kim at A&H was really nice and very 
helpful. I think they even sell a timer with the kit now that you can 
hardwire into the setup too, thus saving you another trip to the store. Next 
CP I'm doing is coming from A&H again.

Actually, the next lighting project I'm doing is going to be a couple of 
pendant metal halides for the six foot tank that's going into the living room 
- as a surprise present for my wife. :)

Bob Olesen
West Palm Beach