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Re: Denver area clubs and fish stores

George wrote:

> Sherman Tank on north Federal Blvd is(was) good. They (used to?) get bulk
> shipments of fish and plants in and sold them cheap and quickly. Haven't been
> there for awhile.

I checked them out a few months back, and was completely unimpressed.  
I found better fish at Petco...

> Nautilus in Longmont (hey, it's Colorado, get used to driving a long way to get
> what you want!) just moved to a new location. They are not that impressive (so
> far) but are willing to work with you to get what you want, which is impressive.

I'm getting a couple hard-to-find rainbows from Nautilus this

> The best store for plants, IMHO, is Denizen's of the Deep in Ft. Collins

George told me about this one a few months back, and I was very
when I visted.   

> hour north of downtown Denver on I-25). If you head that way, drop me a note and
> stop by to see our tanks.

How much is admisssion?  :-)

Chuck Gadd