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Re: Fountain plants

Justin Collins (aka "Mortimer Snerd") asked:

> I'm in the process of setting up a small fountain, and am hoping some of
> out there in APD-land could recommend some plants that will grow well
> semi-emersed.  A complicating factor is that I live in an area with low
> humidity, and am wondering if crypts or their like will do OK, given that
> they come from a humid environment.  All help greatly appreciated.

I've got a "container pond" outdoors with a tall umbrella palm, dragon's
flame (does well except that it seems to get choked by the frogbit,
salvinia, azolla and duckweed), ludwigia repens and both "scarlet hygro" and
"alternanthera reineckii" (the strains that I've got seem to look similar,
but not identical, emersed.  I think the "scarlet hygro" is not as dark, and
has broader, longer leaves).  I'd vote for the scarlet hygro or ludwigia
repens, which both look great.  We don't really have low humidity here in
the Washington, D.C. area, but it's also not that high -- or at least, not
consistently.  Which brings me to my question --

I pulled a nasty-looking "mother ship" marble queen sword out of my tank in
a fit a few weeks ago and stuck it in a "mosquito larvae tank" outdoors.
It's doing incredibly well -- already has several leaves, including one
twice the size of my hand -- but then, it's been raining here every single
day for the past two weeks.

Will this keep up when we hit an August drought spell?  Does it need high

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, MD