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Re: Is my Pleco sick?


My Pleco in my watergarden floats upside down at the surface a lot. The
first time I saw him do it, it looked like he was dead because he was so
still. I rushed out there and startled him and he took off. I noticed later
that when cleaning the bottoms of the lilypads, he sometimes just seems to
stop & rest floating upside down. Maybe he falls asleep and remains floating
at the top until awakened. He also floats upside down to eat the flake food
when I feed the goldfish.

Watergardening in the Desert!

Kelly wrote:

| I have a 2 yr old pleco that has recently been floating upside down at the
| top of
| the tank...just hanging there, beside the side of the tank and outflow bar
| of the
| filter.  His fins actually stick out of the water a bit.  He does this for
| while,
| then goes back down...only to reappear, doing it again.  He looks fine, no
| other
| fish are ill or weird acting...just wondering if he may be ill or just
| turned
| mental?