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Re: barley straw

Ashley Sligh:

>I thought that if one is to put barley straw in their canister filter to 
>decompose, this alone would not reduce algae.  As the straw decomposes, 
>humic acids are released into the water column, which in the prescence of 
>dissolved oxygen and  <bold> sunlight <bold>, produces hydrogen peroxide 
>which supresses the algae.  Is the H2O2 not the chemical responsible for the 
>control of algae?
>If H2O2 is what we're after, why not dose it on a regular basis, via the 
>oxydator or some other method?

As you pointed out in an earlier post, its more than the humic acids that
are produced in the decomp of the straw.  I was well on the way to
following your above frame of thought, until Purchase..whoops!  JAMES!!!
Yeah..... that's the ticket! ;-) produced that link to dupla that
illustrated their "barley straw device" was constructed out of dark
plastic.  That was the clue that led me to believe SUNLIGHT was much less a
factor than I once thought.

I tried manual dosing w/ peroxide months ago when  I first learned of the
idea.    It was more effective when applied directly  affected plants out
of the water and I saw little change in treating the tank (against HAIR
algae).  Though, I was never very persistent in peroxide dosing to draw a
serious conclusion.  If you want to try pure peroxide dosing please note:

1.	Peroxide H2O2 is a potential fish toxin (unless used in small amts) you
already know this.
2.	 Peroxide is very labile...breaking down into water & oxygen in 30 min
..I think?
3.	Peroxide is therefore best applied with an automatic dosing pump if
you're going to experiment w/ it.		` 

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