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hygro polysperma (and amusing little opinions)

I got the last APD digest just before I was leaving work to get on the
highway for my drive home.  The smiley says a lot, Roger.  How nice to see
that "listmates" don't take each other's boo-boo's too seriously.  I have to
admit, I did chuckle about this a couple of times on my way home.  It
sounded to me, as though Sylvia was just having a bad day (a REALLY bad

To make this aquatic plant-related, I have some hygro polysperma in my
50-gal tank, which I would like to replace with something else.  I would
like a similar effect but without all the hairy roots growing out of the
stems.  I realize it's normal, but I just don't like the way it looks.  Does
anyone have a suggestion for a "replacement"?


Roger Miller wrote:

"Such an amusing little opinion :)"