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Re: Barley Sraw Revisited

>> the straw began to break down 2weeks after.  As the straw decomposed,
>> so there was a lifting of the algae.  It is now day 29 of that tank
>> and it is almost "photo-clear" of algae.  The exception is that
>With such a strong effect on algae, is there any possiblity that it would
>inhibit growth of higher plants as well?   

I have noticed no inhiditions of higher plants.  What I have read from the
British studies suggests that it enhances the growth of higher plants and
even enhances fish health!   See: http://www.execpc.com/~aqsys/barley.html
Personally, I noticed no enhanced plant growth that could'nt be attributed
to Co2, bright light and nutrients.  I will add, the effect of the straw is
not an immediate one.  There is no effect when the straw is first appied
its only after the straw begins to decompose that the effects of the straw
against algae become noticeable.  

I still have a bag of the Barley straw letf from my "experiment".  I used
only two handfulls for the 60gal.  I'll be happy to trade away the rest of
the straw; three handfulls each for plants to anyone who's interested
(email me offlist).  My main focus now is the Flora APM.

Liquid Barley Straw for Aquariums & Ponds: