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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #459

Hi Gareth,

>The problems I'm having are with cloudy water - this could be algae and
>bacteria but the tank has only being going for 2 weeks. 
     A green water algae bloom can appear as a white cloudiness in the early 
As the number of algae increase, the green coloration will be much more 
Green water is a major pain.  You can filter it out, starve it of light, use 
Daphnia to eat it, or kill it with a UV sterilizer.  UV light is probably the 
easiest method, since you'll eventually get sick of changing out the media in 
a DE filter.  
 I just ordered an 8 watt Aquanetics unit from Mopetshop.com for $58, best 
deal I have ever seen.  (and yes it has a quartz sleeve)  I think they will 
ship overseas, but
I'm not sure how much extra this would cost you.  You should look into UV, 
even if it is a bacterial bloom. It will kill the cloudy water critters also. 
 If the green water ever returns, just plug in your UV and fry it again!!  UV 
can also be used to kill Ick and other parasites, an excellent alternative to 
those silicone-staining medications like Malachite Green and Maracide.  I 
should have ordered a UV unit from the start.