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Re: Do I have Ammania senegalensis

Thanks for the information.
I guess it isn't the A. senegalensis. BTW, it doesn't appear to be dying.
The picture I had was taken when the aquarium was cloudy (I had to borrow a
digital camera to take the picture, and couldn't help the fact that the
aquarium was cloudy, because I don't have a diatom filter or micron filter).
I have since converted the aquarium from a sand and kitty litter based
substrate to one which uses the Clay Soil Conditioner from Shultz. This
product works better and looks better. Now the plant has put out some more
leaves at the growing tip that are spaced more closely together and are
definitely red, but not as much as the leaves on the red plants in Neil
Frank's picture. The new leaves also are more pointed than the older ones
that are lower on the stem (sort of like extremely miniature versions of the
leaves on the A. senegalensis in the previously mentioned picture).

Josh Liechty
jliechty at custom dot net