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Zoo-Med bulbs

Ok, I'm a little confused about the whole T-8
electronic ballast thing.  When I first saw the bulbs
in the Pet Whse catalog I knew something was up when I
saw the Wattage that they were rated at.  I am about
to replace the Powerglow tube over my 38 gallon.  I
currently have the powerglow and two tritons over the
tank.  All of the plants, minus the Alternanthera
reineckii "Roseafolia" do well in the tank (for some
reason it grow very lanky without too many leaves...)

I use an all-glass twin light fixture over the tank
and was uncertain if this could drive those new T-8s
because I have no idea what kind of ballast is in
there... the fixtures are about 8 months old if that
makes a difference.


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