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Re: need feedback on some idea

> Hee Meng, Poh" <hmpoh at ncs_com.sg> wrote;

> I would like to gather suggestions/feedback on a substrate experimentation
> that I would like to embark on. I am thinking of acquiring some pvc tubes
> to be used as potting container for several substrates I have in mind e.g.
garden >>etc. etc.
Reason for not using normal pots from garden stores
> is I find them too shallow and big for my application.
> etc.

I wanted to pot my plants also.  A quick easy pot can be made from, clear
plastic drinking water bottles.  They come in all sizes and you can cut them
any height you desire. Holes are made with a wood burning tool. I covered
the entire bottom of my 29 gal. using 25 bottles.  I used 1 gal.and 1/2 gal.
for the back corners cut about 5" tall tapering down to 2 1/2" tall 16 oz.
bottles in the front of the tank. The clear plastic bottles are almost
invisible.  I am pleased at the way it turned out.  As soon as my newly
acquired plants fill in I will post a picture....
Any comments appreciated.
                Joe Mica