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Re: CO2

In a message dated 8/5/00 3:52:22 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

<< You say that 15ppm of CO2 will be a pH of 6.9, but his pH
 is already at 7.0 before CO2 injection.  So, the chart would suggest
 that with a KH of 4, and a pH of 7, he's already got 12ppm before
 adding any CO2!  But we know that's not true.    
 It's probably the phosphates throwing off the numbers.    Which
 makes the values on the chart incorrect.  >>

Well. I rechecked my numbers on the Phosphates and it's at ZERO. My initial 
post was in error on that parameter. Sorry. ph is 7.0. Nitrates are  5ppm.

I've been offline since Frriday with a system meltdown and wa unable to post 
this correction earlier. Now that I have the Bioplast  stuff and the CO2 
cylinder, i'm coming to grips with putting the darn thing together. Of coruse 
 1.4 meteres of CO2 resistant tubing that came with the kit is totally 
inadequate, and necessitated a trip to Home Depot, and of course I'll be 
needing a power head to pump water through it as I can' figure a way to route 
it though my Eheim's output. ( Besides I don't want to cut the tube and put a 
T connector in the line.

Back to reading the APD and the Krib on this and otehr topics.  Thanks again. 
While a touch confusing, y'all have been a great help.  Does anyone else here 
have a problem with these match up the color test kits? I frankly find them 
very subjective. The pH one seems to work and the Nitrate one (not Seachem) 
The others just seem to be *in the ballpark* evaluations. -- not much good 
for more than * Opps that looks rather high* and *Well it reads zero, so I 
guess it's OK.*

Annapolis Maryland