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Re: Pleco damage


Actually there are a couple pieces of driftwood in there. One large one is 
fairly well covered with java fern, but there's plenty of available spots for 
the plecs. The other piece is decorative only, and is the clown plec's 
favorite hiding place, in a crevice between it and the substrate.

I guess I didn't mention it, but it's particularly one plant that I'm 
concerned about--an Indian Red sword. It's either really tasty or has very 
thin leaves to begin with. I might consider there is something else at fault 
here, but chunks taken out of the edges of the leaves are a dead giveaway.


> My bristlenose and clown plecos have never left any
>  damage on the leaves they were cleaning.  Do you have
>  a piece of wood in the tank for them to rasp on?  I do
>  and maybe that is why my plants are only cleaned and
>  spared from damage.