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Cloudy water and other things

I have been lurking avidly on this list for a couple of months now. Praise
to Cynthia for her excellent work and also to the contributors for their
immense knowledge and helpful advice.

As an experienced fishkeeper from the UK, I am now trying my hand at Planted
The following is my setup, chased up by my problems.

36x15x18 Tank - 159 liters.
Substrate - quartz gravel with BioPlast laterite sandwich filling.
Mopani bog wood - two old pieces and three new.
Substrate heating cable.
Eheim 2213 external
DIY C02 - 2ltr bottle - 2-3 bubbles a second through Dennerle vortex
2X 30" lights with reflectors - FloraGro and Triton.

Large and small Echinodorus Sp. / Giant Vallis / Saggitaria Mic. and a very
nice Moss Ball.

There is no livestock as yet.

The problems I'm having are with cloudy water - this could be algae and
bacteria but the tank has only being going for 2 weeks. I have added
nitrifying bacteria starter cultures, trace elements, plant food - all to
appropriate dosage.I have added carbon in bags to some effect. Is this
something to be concerned about - I would not say that it is the wood
leaking colour to the water - is it possibly the substrate ? I am concerned
that I am going to end up with a war against Algae / bacteria etc within a
few days after all the hard work getting it setup. Any advise or calming
thoughts would be welcome.

Gareth Bradbury
Bristol England.