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Do I have Ammania senegalensis?

I got this plant at the nslfs (not-so-local fish store), a Petco which has
good quality plants, although the people there don't know a thing about
them. I identified it based on the picture of Ammania senegalensis in the
Barry James book. But in the back of the Pet Warehouse catalog, where the
plants they have are listed, the picture of Rotala rotundifolia looks very
similar to what I have. So, which is it? Or is it a different plant than
either of those I mentioned previously?

Here is the picture:

Another question concerning the live plants from Pet Warehouse. In the
description of some of the plants, it lists a "water depth maximum". For
example, there is a water depth maximum on Hygrophilia difformis of 6
inches. So what is up with this? Do these people just not know what they're
talking about? BTW, I grow H. difformis in a 20 gallon long, which is about
12 inches high, and the plant grows well (IMHO it does grow well,
considering that I don't fertilize it or give it CO2; the DIY CO2 system is
not set up at the moment).

Josh Liechty
jliechty at custom dot net