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Need feeback on some idea


I would like to gather suggestions/feedback on a substrate experimentation
that I would like to embark on. I am thinking of acquiring some pvc tubes
to be used as potting container for several substrates I have in mind e.g.
soil, potting soil, kitty litter,etc. I would probably be filling the tubes
with few inches of the various substrates and top them up with some fine
gravel and use them as planting pots for my plants. These tubes would
probably be
placed in an experimentation tank with plain gravel, lights and Co2
injection with
no column fertilization. Reason for not using normal pots from garden stores
is I find
them too shallow and big for my application.

Specifically, I would like u hear from you guys on the following :

- what's a good diameter size that can be used to grow both stem plants and
non-stem plants?
- what's a good height/length for each pvc pieces?
- shld I be drilling holes along the side of the pvc and one at the bottom
cap to allow the
  roots to grow out? How would this impact the result of my experimentation
as the plants
  might have access to external nutrients?
- is this too silly an idea or shld I just stick to setting up different
tanks with different substrate

I welcome any suggestions/info/flames u may have.