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Re: Outdoor tank?

I've got a bit of a problem with space and have been thinking about 
having an outdoor planted tank.
I live in the North East of Spain, near Barcelona. We have winter 
temperatures of a minimum 0 to -5 degrees. The aquarium will be 
substrate heated with an additional heater for safety and added winter 
"oomph." I have already designed and built the wet/dry filter and 
prefilter. It will not have any light to start with, just available 
light (west-facing), though I expect this to be enough.The tank will be 
on an expanded polystyrene-faced marble stand.
What I'd like to know is; what do you think are going to be the 
problems? I'm hoping to have plants growing out of the water, do you 
think the winter night temps. will cause a problem? I'm hoping that the 
heat from the water will afford some protection. Does anybody have any 
suggestions from plants (they'll be sourced from Tropica:))? Does 
anybody think there may be a problem with heat stress?
Thanks in advance