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Re: Pleco damage

My plec must have less fine dentition or whatever, because when he's done 
with a sword leaf, it could pass as a lace plant (small holes). It doesn't 
look chewed, as I said before it looks like it was sucked on too hard. Sorry 
I'm not piscivorously articulate, that's the best description I got. 
(Although, I admit there are chewed off areas as well).

BTW, does anyone have _any_ advice on bristlenose and clown plecs re: 
damage.??? I'm considering removing one or both. I'd guess the clown plec is 
the culprit but now Dinyar has raised the issue of damage in general by fish 
of this genus. How do bristlenose's rate at plant destruction overall?


> However, as to "pleco damage" to sword leaves, the pattern and depth of the
>  damage varies by species. Larger loricariids often create "chewed" looking
>  leaves, as suggested by Cavan. Many smaller loricariids (e.g., small
>  Peckoltia, Hypoptopoma spp., etc. ) have finer dentition and will make
>  leaves look pale and translucent without looking chewed.