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Re: Re: BGA and Erythromycin

>>In this article Tony suggest 2.5mg/L on days 1 and 2. Cleanup on day 3.
50% water change on day 4, with an additional 2.5mg/L. Cleanup on day 5 - 7.
Finally, a 30% water change on day 8 followed by 1mg/l. Normal maintenance
follows day 8.
Since it has been some time since his article appeared, I wonder if any
digest members would care to comment and/or share their experiences with
this procedure. Or perhaps share the procedures they used.<<

I simply followed the directions on the bottle of capsules. My bottle of 100
capsules, BTW does mot have the weight listed of each capsule, so I have no
idea if they are 2.5 mg/L or not.  It says to add one capsule per 10 gallons
of water, for a minimum of five days and not more than 10. Before each
treatment, I changed 40 to 50% of the water, siphoning out as much dead BGA
as I could get. I increased the dosage each day by one or two capsules. As I
said earlier, my tank was pretty well infested, and it only took five days
of treatment. I also elevated the temp to 85F. If your plants are covered in
it, remove the plants and soak them in warm water with one capsule until you
are finished cleaning the tank, rinse the plants and put them back in the
tank. I only removed the plants once in the begining, (the delilcate stem
plants, I left the swords and cryps in the tank), and left them in the tank
during the rest of the treatment.After I stopped the Mycin, I continued
fairly large water changes every other day for a week, constantly pulling
out dead BGA.

To this day I can not pin point the cause of the outbreak. I had good
circulation, (if that matters), a moderate fish load, heavily planted,
intense light. Probable high P..other than that, nothing out of the
ordinary. I was very happy with the results of nuking with Erythromycin. It
was quick, and very thorough.

Robert Paul H
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