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Re: BGA and Erythromycin

Having read The Krib, and followed the recent thread on BGA, I finally
decided to fight BGA with erythromycin.

The plan is to follow the procedure on Tony Clementz article dated 7/92.

In this article Tony suggest 2.5mg/L on days 1 and 2. Cleanup on day 3.
50% water change on day 4, with an additional 2.5mg/L. Cleanup on day 5 - 7.
Finally, a 30% water change on day 8 followed by 1mg/l. Normal maintenance
follows day 8.

Since it has been some time since his article appeared, I wonder if any
digest members would care to comment and/or share their experiences with
this procedure. Or perhaps share the procedures they used.

Augustine Rodriguez
Rice Lake, WI USA