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More T8 Stuff

Will a T8 ballast work on a "false" T8 like a Triton?
Here's the deal:  My thirty gallon tank has 90 watts
of light.  The back fixture is a double tube Perfecto
for T12s.  The back bulb is a Vitalight, and the front
one a  "false T8" Triton.  This is a relatively new
fixture.  In front of that is a VERY old perfecto
single strip with replaced tar ballast and starter. 
It has a Coralife Nutrigrow (Trichromatic) bulb.

Could I do this: Replace the tar ballast in the newer
double strip ballast with an electronic one that can
run three or four T8s (there is such a thing, right?).
 Then, run wires to the front, now ballestless single
strip.  From front to back, it would be Zoo Med T8,
Triton, Zoo Med T8.  Which color temperature bulb
would go best with the Triton if they can be combined
with an electrical supplier electronic ballast?

 Or, should I just keep the back fixture as is and
electronic ballast a home made fixture with two T8s in
the front (would this give more even coverage?)? 
Thanks, Cavan.  


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