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Re: Reflector measurements (long)

Ivo's results are interesting and useful.  However, he is 
dismissing/discounting the reults with a "diffuse" reflector.  The test was 
set up with a "Target" to be hit by the reflector.  If you are using a 
pendant lighting system sitting a distance above the tank, this is the type 
of information you want.  If, like most of us, you have a strip light sitting 
directly over the water, then a diffuse reflector is not so bad.  Everything 
that bounces off the reflector still enters the tank and most of it is 
available to whatever plant can find a location within its path.

Now if Ivo were to repeat this experiment by measuring the light coming off a 
piece of white paper underneath a tank full of water with the light sitting 
directly on top of the tank, then he would have something more relevant.

Bob Dixon