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Zoo Med Bulbs

It's getting to be time to replace some bulbs here. 
Is it true that the makers of Vitalights are going out
of buisiness?  I looked in the archives for this but
couldn't find anything.  

I found an old message about the Zoo Med bulbs.  He
(are you out there Andy) said they're very bright, and
last a year according to a FAMA(Aquarium Fish?)
article.  They are also pretty cheap.  The 5500k would
cost me 12 bucks, and the 8500k Max Plant growth 18
(kind of cheap anyway).  That's barely more than the
funny colored Chroma 50s that I can't get in three
foot lengths anyway.  Does anyone have experience with
them?  Do they really last that long?  Too good to be
true?  Thank you again.

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