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clown loaches causing cloudy water


The clown loaches are great - - don't give up on them!  I have a planted
tank with clown loaches.  They do tend to stir up the bottom a little bit,
but not any more than the cory cats I have in another planted tank.  I
noticed after adding the corys, that I didn't have crystal clear water any
more.  Someone posted a while ago, about how to get the water clear; maybe
you should check the archives and see if you can find it.  It had something
to do with an extra Magnum filter.


"DT" <itsdon at erinet_com> wrote:
Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #449

>I`ve read that several folks out there have and love their Clown Loaches in
>their planted tanks . Well , I aquired 6 of them ranging from 3 1/2 to over
>5 inches long . Since their addition to my tank I`ve noticed a lot of
>in the water . I`ve been polishing the water to help clear it up but as
>as they come out and play the water gets funky again...and stays pretty
>that way unless I take steps to clean it up . I love these guys , always
>playing around each other , swiming 4 high along the tank , but I think
>their nosing the flourite and behind and around every plant is causing the
>problem . Is  the price I have to pay to have happy Clown Loaches  , in my
>previously sparkling clear tank , cloudy water ?