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More on bent SAes

I talked more with a guy at the petstore about this
one, and he said that someone once brought in a bent
spine trought fingerling (don't ask where it came
from, I don't know, and neither does he) that was
pretty bad.  Over a period of about six months, he
nursed it back to health through a varied diet.  

I feed my fish the Ocean Nutrition variety with the
extra greens (also stops Columbian red fin tetras from
eating all the Micranthemum), mosquito larvae,
daphnia, frozen mix, earthworms, blackworms, and other
things.  It can't be the diet.  Maybe he just didn't
get enough?  

It could be TB, but my water definitely isn't bad. 
Good enough for rampant fish reproduction.  All
parameters are in check.  Any more thoughts?  Thanks
guys, Cavan. 

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