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Transparent sword leaves

Roger thought my leaf problem was possibly caused by plecos & that is
exactly what it looks like. But I got rid of all plecos a couple of
years ago because that's what they were doing to my swords. Someone else
suggested soft water but my GH=150ppm, KH=4-5, pH=6.6 in Gomberg CO2
system tank. This is happening in 2 other tanks also with the same specs
except yeast CO2 which the pH is 7-7.2. All tanks have 2-3 W per G.
Fertilization is 1mg Flourish 2X a week, 1/2mg Flourish Iron daily, 1/4
tea. K2O( Muriate of potash) 2X a week. I also use Jobes sticks &
Puschak balls alternating every 3 months. Thanks for the replies.

Tom Connors, Pittsburgh Pa. I wish I could be half the person our dog
"Jed" thinks I am!