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BGA--go manual

Pat O'Sullivan wrote:

So, if I understand this correctly, all of your tank parameters can be
perfect but the BGA can still be present because the cyanobacteria has not
been killed off, just put in check?  That makes sense to me.  I guess I'm
just squeemish about using maracyn because I don't want to damage my

Carmen replies:

Of course everyone's experiences with BGA are pretty anecdotal and likely
reflect the differences in their tanks.  IME it correlates with lack of
micronutrients for my plants.  The leaves will look a little pale and are
overlaid with BGA.  Even with antibiotic I don't think that you ever really
kill it off; it will always redevelop at some point with time.

I've always combatted BGA manually by running my fingers over every single
stinkin' little leaf (literally, if they're covered with BGA you won't
quickly get the putrid smell off your hands).  Then suck up the blue muck
with a siphon.  At the same time, make sure your plants are getting what
they need in terms of micronutrients and lighting.  Double check that your
water conditioners don't contain phosphates.  (Sodium biphosphate to lower
pH can contribute to a luxuriant carpet of blue.)

Of course, having "the big hand" in the tank might be as stressful to your
discus as transporting them to a separate tank.

Carmen C. Robinett      Berkeley, CA   (510) 642-5971