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Ametek vs R.O. water filters

Well over a year ago I brought up the Ametek filtration system
http://www.shopibs.com/counter%20top%20filter.htm  as an alternative to
expensive R.O. systems.  Back then, there was some contraversy over why
some people thought they were effective or not.  I now have the information
to more effectively argue the point that this system should be considered
as an alternative to expensive RO systems for planted tanks.  

1.	Filtered water volume: The AMETEK CBR2-10R for example, costs $37.00 but
is rated to do 2,000 gallons (foolishness! I've abused this thing up to at
least 3,000-4,000 gal with no ill effects).  RO systems will give only 50
gallons per night and only a fraction of the over all amounts of water for
its lifetime.  God help you if you are one of the "constant water change"

2.	Low Cost: The Canister and fittings plus one filter cost only $80.00.
This compares well to the cost of an RO system $150.00.

Some will argue that their water quality sucks and they need some
space-aged purification system.  I live in South Florida and we've got
"liquid rock" limestone hard water.  However, unless you are a delicate
commercial fish breeder, this really should not matter!  Plants can adapt
to such a wide range of water conditions the only REAL consern we should
have is the dreaded chloramine!  This nasty stuff is exactly what this
filter is designed to remove. 

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