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Re: napster & plants

In response to Allen:

Download DirectPlantsX v. 5.0 from Microsoft's web site. Includes an extra 
driver for your modem to speed download time.

> Takes too long to download plants.  A single Anubias takes 3 hours on a
> cable modem
And to Dan:

You wrote that you're throwing away plant matter during trimming. Why don't 
you post here or elsewhere what _you've_ got available to send. You can offer 
to trade, or just offer. As bad as you want that magenta, there's plenty of 
people starting up who would love to get some plants from a hobbyists tank, 
which almost is guaranteed to be of better quality than otherwise--which 
means less problems for them in trying to grow that plant (meaning it will 
stay alive once it's planted). There's always someone looking for what you've 
got. Or start a trading post (starting with your offerings) and give us the 

> Hey all. All this hubub about napster, and my longing for some Rotala 
>  magenta, . . . <snip>

>  And we all throw away so much plant material. <snip> Which conveniently 
>  that I can't do the site unless no one else will do it.

and to David:

I don't see the point of hanging out there much. There's not much for 
aquarium folks to be had. I doubt people will go out of their way to go 
looking for people to send their plants to. 

> As a matter of fact, I *am* looking for aquarium
>  plants, and if enough APD listmembers start hanging
>  out there and reading my want lists, maybe I'll get
>  some. ;)