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I think you had better re examine your chemistry.
In Melb if we have any clay deposits in the water it completely chelates the
Not sure what your relation to chlorine has as I stated earlier I made a
mistake. Chlorine does dissipate with time or aeration.
 The most serious is your assumption that regular water changes will solve
all fluoride build ups problems in the water.
In fact it increases it dramatically.
Say you have a 10% evaporation rate then you have 100% of the fluoride in
90% of the water then you remove another 15% of total tank capacity and
replace it with 25% of tank capacity to fill it then you have 115% of
original Fluoride concentration and so on with every water change. Simple
on distilled water I did not advocate using plain distilled but using it as
a starting point. I add salts to mine but at least I am sure it is fluoride
free as I have had many experiences with Fluoride egg hardening and after a
lot of experimentation and consultation with Melbourne water got it right.
Hardening of eggs is fairly obvious when you see a fish in an egg trying to
get out but can't and eventually dies.
From the" Land Down Under"
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