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NFC: A River Runs Through It

      Greetings to all, Joe Eisenhart here, self employed locksmith from
central Pennsylvania, near Penn State Univ. Being new to the group, I
hope that I have submitted the link to the accompanying article, in an
acceptable manner. I'm in the process of setting up 3 riffle tanks, and
have gleaned a wealth of information from   our article, as well as
others such as this one.    Am seeking direction from our members, in
the set up of such simulated fast water stream biotopes.  I have settled
on a bidirectional design, wherby a Marineland 330 W/ biowheel will be
positioned on the end of the tank, creating a moderate current in one
direction, and a 650 powerhead, drawing through a HydroSponge IV, will
be situated at the opposite end, for a stronger return current up the
back length of the tank. Substrate will be 2B riverstone, mixed w/ #3
industrial quartz sand, and perhaps a small amount of crushed corl???
Flat rainbow rock caves ,bogwood w/ Java Fern attached. Tank siizes are
one 55, and two 33 Long(48X13X12), each between 1/2 and 2/3s     full.
Would greatly appreciate any opinions / suggestions, from the
membership, to facilitate the set up of this project. Sincere thanks in
advance. Almost forgot, proposed occupants will be Darters (
Orangethroat, thanks to Robert Rice), and perhaps a few redbelly Dace,
or long finned White Cloud Mountain Minnows   ,certainly not native but
suitable : )