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Re: NFC: Dem dang dambusia

J-Dog wrote:
> >In your caSe try heterandria formosa smaller MUCH less agressive and very
> >prolific....
> I need a fish that is agrresive enough to survive with other fish.

The damnbusia can do that, in spades! Forget *formosa* -- they are way too
small for most community tanks! [6th or 7th smallest known vertibrate, I

If you don't insist on breeding them, a few male *Jordanella floridae* are
peaceful, very colorful, and will hold their own with most fish, including
many of the cichlids.

Some of the less usual Poecilids are good, too. I like *Poecilia mexicana*,
the Mexican Molly. Irridescent blue and green colors are more subtle, until
the male shows his breeding orange and black striped tail. Then they are
truly spectacular.


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