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Re: NFC: A easy livebearer

J-Dog wrote:
> >No. They are an entirely different genus.
> >
> were can i get em?

How does one answer such a question without going completely non-linear?

A bunch of bureaucrats, particularly out here in the west, have mandated
their use for mosquito control, so any small body of water from Seattle to
Key West or from Kennebunkport to San Diego may very well have some. They
are about the only fish easy enough for the more stupid kind of civil
servant to breed with any success.

They consume virtually no mosquitos and are voracious predators on the eggs
and fry of most native fish. When the ichthyology community denounced the
program, they set up their own "learned society" where they publish reams of
pseudo science and defend their bureaucracies like a mother bear protecting
a cub.

Meanwhile, many of us waste valuable vacation time trying to remove these
"exotics" from pupfish and springfish habitat where they, along with other
introduced menaces like tilapia and bass, are killing off our native fish.

From this, you may understand why we usually call them "damnbusia."

Get *Heterandria formosa*, instead. OK?


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