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NFC: [Fwd: Fundulus (cingulatus) rubrifons]

Another forward (with permission) from the killietalk list.


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Subject: Fundulus (cingulatus) rubrifons
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 08:49:34 -0500
From: "Koran, David HQ02" <David.Koran at HQ02_USACE.ARMY.MIL>
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The fish you are looking for is now called Fund. rubrifons (cingulatus was
split into two species).  Fund. rubrifons inhabits very shallow water heavy
in vegetation.  Most common location is in roadside drainage ditches that
are fed by a swampy area adjacent to the ditch and road.  If the water in
the middle is more than about 2 feet deep I would venture to say your
chances of finding the fish will not be very good.  Your best bet is to push
your net along the edge of the water for a few feet (usually you get so much
junk in the net that this limits the length of the push, however, if you
skim above the muck and clip or beat the plants there will be a good chance
you will be coming up with Fund. rubrifons).  If your water is deeper I
believe the "rubrifons" risk predation by larger fish.  I have observed
Fund. rubrifons and aureoguttatus (western form) actually "beaching"
themselves to get at food.  RUB and AUR are found throughout Florida
(Suwahnee River seems to be the species divide).  In southern Florida I
would suspect you would get more Fund. chrysotus and Jordanella floridae in
those habitats.

Dave Koran
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