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Re: NFC: [Fwd: BOUNCE killietalk at aka_org: Non-member submission from[bearonsmallmountain at att_net]]

Hello again!  DA (or it should be in small letters)  da   I got the names
turned around in my last message, as Ray is or was the list member sending
the info.  But my feelings are the same about sharing info on this list.
See what happens when you try and talk  ~(:>)) first thing in the morning.
JiM C.
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Date: Wednesday, December 29, 1999 2:35 AM
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>Note that the message was a forward from the killy list and the fellow
>get your answer here. I'll try to cc: it to him, but any others should send
>answers directly to him. See his URL in the cc: of this header.
>"Ray Ravary, Jr." wrote:
>> I caught mine at the Everglades. We stopped at some famous photographer
>> has a shop about half way to Miami along the main drag through the
>> everglades.  Andy? he does everglade landscapes at the tune of $200.00
for a
>> 8X10  print. His shop is about 2 miles east of the National Park
>> center. He has a small part of the glades in the form of a pool in front
>> the shop. Ask for permission to collect and try their pond/creek/canal
>> across the street in the canal. Also try the Boardroom  aquarium shop in
>> Meyers on the way/near the airport. If you stop at the boardroom call me
>> pick me up some fish. He usually has natives their. call me  (734)
483-2360 or
>> e-mail me
>> R3
>> Wright Huntley wrote:
>> > Any help from you guys in Fla.?
>> >
>> > Wright
>> >
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>> >
>> > Only have a couple more days in Florida before I have to
>> > go home to Seattle area.  In Naples area and am trying
>> > to find Fundulus cyngulatus?   Anyone know of any
>> > certain locations.  Don't mind the alligators they have
>> > so far been staying out of my way but do need road
>> > access.  I have spent a couple days looking for them in
>> > Marco Island area but may not be looking in the right
>> > places or there may be better ones that I am unaware.
>> > Please help.  Thanks in advance.  MikeC
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